Cloud Services

DLC CLOUD is the latest cloud service provided by the Data Logistics Center. It is the only hybrid carrier-neutral wholesale cloud services platform in Lithuania.


Advantages of Cloud platform:

  • Servers are hosted in Tier III and Tier II data centers, which ensures reliability and stability;
  • VMware and KVM virtualization;
  • Latest Dell servers with second-generation Intel Scalable processors;
  • Datacenter-level Intel SSD discs;
  • Each server is connected by double 40G links;
  • Hyperconverge architecture is used;
  • Data is copied to four locations in the same data center, DR copy is made to another data center and backup copies are made to a third data center;
  • Expanded network capacity;
  • Convenient management of resources;
  • Flexible pricing of resources;
  • Additional services: automatic management of server resources/automated operations with servers.


Expanded network capacity:

  • Isolation of customers’ networks using VXLAN technology;
  • Direct connection to AWS, Microsoft and Google networks;
  • Internet exchange points: LITIX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX, etc.;
  • Connection of partner network to DCL Cloud;
  • Dedicated lines (DWDM, fibre) with points in Lithuania or abroad;
  • Network load balancers.


Convenient management of Cloud resources:

  • OVA import possibility;
  • Global CDN network;
  • Global network of other IaaS providers;
  • Managing users and their authorizations;
  • Convenient management of virtual servers to end-user;
  • Addition/removal of CPU/RAM resources;
  • Addition of disc resources or additional discs;
  • Addition/removal of network interface card;
  • Management of IP subnets;
  • Firewall management;
  • Full information about the use of network, CPU, RAM and disc.


We offer highly flexible payment options for our customers. Customers can choose a single payment method or combine several methods to achieve the optimal price for their company.

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Why choose cloud services?

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