Rental of Virtual Resources

Usually, when buying something, you need at least the initial installment if not the whole amount. Before buying, you have to spend time trying to find out, which product/service suits your needs best. Once bought, the product also requires maintenance.


If you do not have the full amount or the initial installment and time to learn about the products and maintain them, renting will be the best option. No large initial investment and no professional maintenance staff is necessary, because this will be taken care of by our Data Logistics Center.


Rental of virtual cloud resources by Data Logistics Center is:

  • A simple and easy way to get exactly what your business needs;
  • A possibility of flexibly distributing resources for different processes;
  • A possibility to increase the rented resources by just a few clicks;
  • Different virtualization platforms (KVM and VMware).
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Why choose rental of virtual resources?

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