Rental of Virtual Resources ( IaaS )

Public cloud (IaaS) rental of resources


DLC offers a cloud computing model, allowing businesses to rent IT resources necessary for business operations – virtual servers, networks, software, and servicing.


DLC’s public cloud IaaS platform is powered by two data centers. You will have an IT infrastructure that meets today’s needs while being prepared for tomorrow’s challenges with hourly resource accounting and 24×7 maintenance services.


Need IT resources but do not want to invest in new IT infrastructure?  With the virtual cloud resources by Data Logistics Center you will be able to:


  • To get precisely what your business needs;
  • A possibility of flexibly distributing resources for different processes;
  • A possibility to increase the rented resources by just a few clicks;
  • A maintenance of virtual infrastructure by experienced DLC staff;
  • A rental of mainly used software (Microsoft Windows server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL server, etc.);
  • A benefit of the VMware virtualization platform.
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Why choose rental of virtual resources?

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