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Data Logistics Center

Duomenų Logistikos Centras (Data Logistics Center) one of the largest operators of data networks and data centers in the Baltics.


Principal activities of the company include backbone data transmissiondata storage and wholesale cloud services to enterprises and telecommunications operators. The company manages data centers housing the equipment of major enterprises, financial institutions, communications operators and other providers of cloud services.


From the beginning of 2015, Data Logistics Center has been using green Lithuanian energy, i.e. certified electricity obtained from renewable energy sources.

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Facts about the Company

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The length of fiber-optic network in Lithuania managed by the company is 2,000 kilometers.

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The only network in Lithuania with optical ground wire cabling in high-voltage lines.


The company’s data centers accommodate 330 server cabinets, which can hold around 10,000 servers.


The throughput of all networks in Lithuania managed by the company is 10 Tbit/s. The overall demand in Lithuania is 0.25–0.35 Tbit/s.

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The newly built and functioning data center DATA INN – was the first data center in Lithuania to receive Tier III reliability level certification from Uptime Institute for its design and functioning infrastructure.

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DATA INN’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) is only 1.3.


Munters Oasis Indirect Evaporative Cooling system used in DATA INN won the DatacenterDynamics 2012 EMEA award for innovation.

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Together with its partners, Data Logistics Center manages a 3,000 kilometer long international Baltic Highway with a throughput of 9.6 Tbit/s, connecting Tallinn and Frankfurt, and the largest and longest (over 8,000 km) optical data transmission network in the Baltics – Baltic Optical Network.