What is LITIX? It is a new high-capacity internet exchange point, which:

  • Provides direct public and private internet traffic exchange services;
  • Hosts most popular websites and major content managers;
  • Guarantees the dissemination of customers’ IP products across all Lithuanian networks;
  • Helps attract maximum audience to customers’ content, improves the quality of internet and helps save money;
  • Allows the customers to offer L2 Ethernet VLAN NET service for a particularly attractive price.


Our goal is to create added value for clients and partners by providing internet exchange services in Lithuania.

We strive to become the best and well-recognized internet exchange point in Lithuania.


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    Technical Specification of LITIX


    For some businesses the following services are essential:

    • Sending and receiving large data sets at the same time between geographically remote units of the company;
    • Storage of backup copies on a server;
    • Individual and secure internet connection and speed;
    • High-quality VoIP services.

    Regular internet connection is not sufficient to satisfy these requirements. In such case, we offer a dedicated L2 (LAN to LAN) connection.


    Why L2?

    • It is the highest-quality connection service designed for secure and efficient connection of networks into a single network and ensuring uninterrupted, reliable, independent, dedicated and stable connectivity for enterprises dealing with extensive data traffic.
    • L2 is a service providing highly reliable data transmission by fiber-optic cables via the main network points, which allows us to ensure continuous and uninterrupted connectivity and a data transmission rate of up to 100 Gb/s across Lithuania.


    Using the L2 connection service will allow you to connect to your internet service provider, quickly and reliably transmit any data, connect your local network with the server network at the data storage center or connect any two geographically remote internal networks.

    The professional team of our Data Logistics Center will ensure that all these processes run smoothly, quickly and securely.

    LITIX list of users

    Company nameAS NumbePeering policyInterconnection speed, GbpsIPv4 addressIPv6 addres
    Bitosis, UAB44246Open1185.1.113.352001:7f8:c4::4:4246:1
    Cgates, UAB21412Open100185.1.113.292001:7f8:c4::2:1412:1
    Consilium optimum, UAB43700Open10185.1.113.192001:7f8:c4::4:3700:1
    Cloudflare, Inc13335Open10185.1.113.42001:7f8:c4::1:3335:1
    CSC Telecom, UAB24645Open1185.1.113.372001:7f8:c4::2:4645:1
    Duomenų logistikos centras, UAB 201201Open10185.1.113.232001:7f8:c4::20:1201:1
    Duomenų logistikos centras, UAB 201201Open10185.1.113.242001:7f8:c4::20:1201:2
    Etanetas, UAB39067Open1185.1.113.302001:7f8:c4::3:9067:1
    Facebook, Inc32934Selective20185.1.113.62001:7f8:c4::3:2934:1
    Facebook, Inc32934Selective20185.1.113.7 2001:7f8:c4::3:2934:2
    Google, Inc15169Open40185.1.113.182001:7f8:c4::1:5169:1
    Hurricane Electric, LLC6939Open10185.1.113.362001:7f8:c4::6939:1
    Init, UAB24852Open20185.1.113.92001:7f8:c4::2:4852:1
    Kauno technologijos universitetas, VšĮ44358Open1185.1.113.202001:7f8:c4::4:4358:1
    Krėna, UAB49602Open1185.1.113.322001:7f8:c4::4:9602:1
    Kvartalo tinklas, UAB202085Open1185.1.113.332001:7f8:c4::20:2085:1
    Tet, SIA6747Selective1185.1.113.122001:7f8:c4::6747:1
    Lietuvos radijo ir televizijos centras, AB15419Open10185.1.113.52001:7f8:c4::1:5419:1
    Melbikomas, UAB56630Open10185.1.113.112001:7f8:c4::5:6630:1
    Nacionalinis telekomunikacijų tinklas, UAB 33922Open20185.1.113.262001:7f8:c4::3:3922:1
    Nacionalinis telekomunikacijų tinklas, UAB 33922Open20185.1.113.272001:7f8:c4::3:3922:2
    Penki kontinentai, UAB12539Open10185.1.113.382001:7f8:c4::1:12539:1
    Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras, UAB21211Open10185.1.113.142001:7f8:c4::2:1211:1
    Progmera, UAB202725Open1185.1.113.342001:7f8:c4::20:2725:1
    Registrų centras, VĮ44198Open1185.1.113.422001:7f8:c4::4:4198:2
    Registrų centras, VĮ44198Open1185.1.113.282001:7f8:c4::4:4198:1
    Subspace Inc.32261Open10185.1.113.432001:7f8:c4::3:2261:1
    SEB bankas, AB15995Open1185.1.113.252001:7f8:c4::1:5995:1
    Skylink Networking, Ltd205504Open1185.1.113.392001:7f8:c4::2:0948:1
    Tele2, UAB1257Open10185.1.113.162001:7f8:c4::1257:1
    Verslo tiltas, UAB43627Open2185.1.113.132001:7f8:c4::3:4120:1
    Žaibas, IĮ56847Open1185.1.113.312001:7f8:c4::5:6847:1
    Ignitis grupės paslaugų centras, UAB24607Open10185.1.113.412001:7f8:c4::2:4607:1
    Digitālās Ekonomikas Attīstības Centrs Ltd (DEAC)12993Open10185.1.113.442001:7f8:c4::3:12993:1

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