Emergency Recovery

Many of us have been in a situation where for one reason or another we lose an important document on which we had worked on for a long time. How much hassle does a single lost document create? What if this happened to a few hundred of large documents containing accounting or sales system data?


Anticipating IT failures, recovery times and the effects of such failures on the company’s operations and profits is difficult; therefore, we take steps to prevent potential loss of such data.


Advantages of emergency data recovery:

  • All data on your virtual servers is copied in real time between selected data centers;
  • In case of failure, data is recovered in real time;
  • In case of failure, you will not have to change the IP address and will be able to use the old one;
  • Minimum interruption time of work processes;
  • In case of failure, we will notify you immediately by e-mail.


Your business must not be left without IT systems for even a minute. Relax. Our Data Logistics Center’s cloud services will prevent the loss of essential information even in case of hardware failure and your company will be able to continue its operations thanks to our fast emergency data recovery.

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