The Data Logistics Center is the distributor of DE-CIX services in Lithuania offering expanded capacities of internet exchange points. DLC manages the LITIX internet exchange point in Lithuania and provides access to the largest exchange points in Europe: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, PL-IX, LINX, etc.

The most effective way to improve the quality of internet is transmitting data through DE-CIX internet exchange point. Connection to DE-CIX will provide you with peer connection to more than 900 European and global internet networks.


Advantages of DE-CIX:

  • Europe’s largest and the world’s second largest internet exchange point;
  • Access to more than 900 IP networks;
  • Internet traffic during peak time exceeds 8 Tb/s;
  • Peer connection ensures the lowest possible RTD with other IP networks. For example, the lowest mutual RTD between Vilnius and Frankfurt is only 20.53 milliseconds;
  • 80 per cent of networks are open and separate consents are not required for connecting them.


DE-CIX services can be provided in other major Lithuanian cities as well and the process of connecting to this internet exchange point is very fast and takes up to 5 days. Connection speed varies between 100 Mb/s to 100 Gb/s. In addition, FREE trial of DE-CIX service is available.


Upon connecting to DE-CIX, you will receive:

  • GlobePEER: peer connection with any of the DE-CIX member networks;
  • DDoS mitigation with blackholing: free DDoS protection for all DE-CIX members;
  • DirectCloud: direct access to the world’s largest cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.
  • VirtualPNI: virtual connection to the required DE-CIX member network at any other place of the world;
  • DirectROUTES: access to closed networks;
  • DE-CIX FlexPOP: access to DE-CIX infrastructure (IaaS);
  • Closed User Groups: Microsoft Azure Peering service. It is a closed group for direct connection with Microsoft in order to ensure security and the lowest possible RTD.





Why choose DE-CIX?

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