DATA INN is one of the most reliable data centers in Northern Europe and the first data storage center in Lithuania to receive Tier III certification from Uptime Institute.


This data center has a three-stage cooling system and the Lithuanian climate allows cooling the system using outdoor air (free cooling) for most of the time.


Modern solutions of the data center and operational experience ensure good power usage effectiveness (PUE), which is among the lowest in the region.

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    Service Characteristics

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    Tier III certificate is proof that the equipment ensures that data center will be functional at least 99.982 per cent of the time.

    DATA INN can operate about 20.4 hours longer than Tier II data centers popular in the region and even 27.2 hours longer than Tier I data centers.


    DATA INN power usage effectiveness (PUE) is as low as 1.3. It is far ahead of the world’s data centers’ average of 1.7.

    Highly efficient use of energy is ensured by innovative Munters Oasis Indirect Evaporative Cooling system, which:

    • uses ambient air and additional adiabatic cooling system;
    • ensures low energy consumption and low emissions of carbon dioxide;
    • allows saving up to 80 per cent of annual expenses of the data center, reducing energy consumption by 83 per cent and about 25 per cent of expenses for mechanical cooling, switching and generation.

    A Team of Professionals

    The employees of the company have more than 20 years of experience in the field of data center management. The team at Data Logistics Center provides maintenance to own data centers and those of other companies.

    Data INN Phase 2

    Tier 3 Design and Facility certification

    The total area of the facility is 519 m2 (square meters).

    The total area of the server room is 312 m2 (square meters).

    Maximum number of racks per server room: 150 (cages and private suites available on request).

    • Power distribution: 2N
    • UPS system: 2N
    • Diesel gensets: N+1
    • Cooling capacity: 500 kW (N+1)
    • DC power: up to 1.25 MW
    • Power density per rack: up to 20 kW
    • DC standby time while on fuel: min. 12h / max. 60h
    • Fire detection & fire suppression systems
    • Anti-flood system

    DLC rack dimensions:

    600 x 1200 mm / 52U / perforated doors, adjustable frame

    Colocation space for customer-owned racks:

    42U / 52U

    Data Inn Phase 2 1

    What is TIER III?

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    For a facility to meet Tier III certification requirements, it must have a certain level of installed reservation technology, security solutions and certain properties of the building and the environment.

    The compliance is checked and the certification is issued by the Uptime Institute. The institute issued Tier III Design and Tier III Facility certificates.


    DATA INN is the first data storage and transmission center in Lithuania to meet the highest-level requirements and receive these certificates.

    The certificates mean that the facility:

    • has independent power supply entries;
    • has reserve cooling units;
    • has two independent optical cable entries;
    • runs without interruption, even if power supply from the network is cut.


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    • Entry gates are controlled from the security post station and from the monitoring center.
    • Building in a building concept used for server, communication and power rooms.
    • There are separate designated rooms for servers, power supply and communications entries.
    • Maximum floor load: 1.5 t/sqm.
    • There is a separate room for loading and unloading of equipment and a separate transportation corridor.
    • The building has a secured parking area with 30 parking spaces.
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    • The data center is equipped with 2x1MW new transformer stations. 2N power dublication.
    • Autonomous diesel generator N+1 redundancy, total power 1.5MW.
    • The data center only uses green electric power from renewable sources produced in Lithuania.
    • Each power supply entry has a 400kW uninterrupted power supply system.
    • Electricity to server cabinets is supplied by two independent busbars.
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    • Munters Oasis cooling system ensures suitable ambient conditions. It uses outdoor air and an adiabatic system.
    • The data center uses hot and cold aisle containment.
    • IT equipment is kept at 21–25°C and 40–60% relative humidity.
    • Temperature fluctuations do not exceed 5°C per hour.
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    • In order to ensure uninterrupted communication, the data center has two independent optical cable entries.
    • Different entries are switched in different rooms.
    • It is possible to run two communication cables to the customer’s cabinet without intersection.
    • Communication equipment is duplicated, i.e. has different communication paths, different power supply entries, and different communication equipment cabinets.

    The data center provides a wide range of local and intercity services:

    • Data transmission speed up to 400 Gbit/s;
    • Stable quality of service is ensured as agreed with the customer (SLA);
    • Reserved and non-reserved services (1+1);
    • Rental of fiber-optic cables;
    • Ethernet;
    • Designated lines (SDH flow);
    • Ultra-high speed Nx10 Gbps transparent connections (DWDM).

    At the data center, communication and fiber-optic rental services are provided by major Lithuanian and foreign providers.

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    • All premises are equipped as separate fire zones.
    • Fire extinguishing gases do not damage the IT equipment, do not degrade the ozone layer and do not cause the greenhouse effect.
    • A pressure relief system is in place.
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    • Building in a building concept used for server, communication and power rooms.
    • The area and the premises are constantly monitored by 36 video cameras.
    • Security staff on duty 24/7.
    • A back-up dispatch team arrives in less than 10 min.
    • Access control: authorization with passcard and biometric fingerprint.
    • Only authorized people are allowed into the area.
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    • The data center houses 52U CPI 600 (800) x 1200 x 2400 mm server cabinets.
    • The cabinets are equipped with perforated locked doors.
    • The sides of all cabinets can be closed.
    • The cabinets are arranged in a row creating a hot aisle.
    • The hot aisle has a ceiling and doors.
    • Each cabinet can accommodate 4 PDU.
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    DATA INN Data Center has dedicated solutions in place in order to ensure the highest level of security for the customer’s equipment.

    We offer:

    • Lease of a technical space in a modern data center, where innovative technical solutions and professional support staff will ensure the security of your equipment and data and stability, reliability and efficiency of work processes;
    • Most favorable conditions for interconnection services with banking institutions, popular websites, hosting, service providers and VoIP integrators.

    Why choose DATA INN?

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