Data Transmission

Fast and reliable data transmission network in Lithuania

The Data Logistics Center’s modern infrastructure and technology provide high-quality, reliable broadband data transmission with various level options (L1, L2, L3) and exceptional speed capacity. DLC networks allow the quick transfer of large amounts of data for businesses domestically and internationally.

Together with its partners, the Data Logistics Center manages nearly 13,000 km of optical-fiber data transmission networks in Lithuania and abroad.


Many years of experience has helped us to build and maintain strong relationships with Lithuanian and international communications operators. In Lithuania, we cooperate and have backup connections with nearly 70 data operators and have duplicate connections with major telecommunications operators of the neighboring countries, which ensure complete reliability and security of the network.

We guarantee extremely secure data transmission by optical fiber installed on high-voltage lines.

Secure and fast data transmission over:

  • Seamless Baltic Highway data transmission backbone network.
  • Secure fiber-optic network in Lithuania.
  • Reliable data exchange with other internet exchange points in the European Union.
  • New high-capacity internet exchange point LITIX
  • Peer data exchange point DE-CIX
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