Data Transmission services

Many years of experience have helped us to build and maintain strong relationships with Lithuanian and international communications operators. In Lithuania, we cooperate with nearly 70 data operators and have duplicate connections with significant telecommunications operators of the neighboring countries, ensuring complete network reliability and security.


The main network ring in Lithuania

Vilnius – Kruonis – Kaunas – Tauragė – Šilutė – Klaipėda – Telšiai – Šiauliai – Panevėžys – Utena – Visaginas – Vilnius

Kruonis – Alytus – Kybartai – Jurbarkas

Kaunas – Jonava – Kėdainiai – Panevėžys


In Lithuania, we manage a 1,500 km long optical data transmission network that connects Lithuania’s major cities and county centers. This requires top-quality, fast, reliable data transmission with various level options (L1, L2, L3) and unlimited speed capacity. Our data transmission solutions are based on DWDM technology, ensuring the highest reliability.


Main routes internationally


Vilnius–Berlin; Vilnius–Frankfurt; Vilnius–Helsinki; Vilnius–Riga;

Vilnius–Stockholm; Vilnius–Tallinn; Vilnius–Warsaw


Connection with neighboring countries. We manage fiber-optic network connections with all the neighboring countries. We have two separate connections with Poland and Latvia. This allows us to provide all kinds of data transmission services and gives unlimited possibilities for connections between points at the international level.

Our Services

An international private data line within the same or between several sites in different countries:

  • Data transmission speed: 2Mbit/s–100 Gbit/s;
  • Stable quality of service is ensured as agreed with the customer (SLA);
  • Reserved and non-reserved services (1+1);
  • Highest-quality equipment and professional solutions for connecting the company’s data networks and storing data;
  • Installation of data transmission hardware;
  • Services provided by Transparent Channel or QinQ.

International partnership

We manage connections with the following international data transmission operators:

  • 2 connections with Exatel;
  • 1 connection with Hawe Telecom;
  • 1 connection with Pionier;
  • 1 connection withTK Telecom;
  • 2 connections with Orange Polska;
  • 2 connections with Latvenerergo;
  • 1 connection with Tet;
  • 1 potential connection with Sweden.


The following technology is used for international data transmission:

  • Optical ground wire (OPGW) cabling system;
  • Ethernet;
  • Synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH);
  • Ultra-high speed Nx100 Gbps connections (DWDM).

Why choose data transmission abroad?

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