Remote Hands

Remote Hands services is a simple and convenient way to have your equipment maintained by us. You will not need to waste your time travelling to the site, diagnosing the problem or performing preventive checks.


We provide the following services:

  • Installation and, if required, uninstallation of equipment, card or module sent by you;
  • Preparation of hardware so as to allow connection over the network;
  • Replacement of hardware air filters;
  • Replacement of hardware components;
  • If necessary, cleaning dust and other debris off/from the hardware;
  • Connecting and marking new cables in the customer’s cabinet, reconnecting existing cables;
  • Delivery of hardware waste to respective collection points;
  • Regular replacement of storage discs and tapes;
  • Our network operations center (NOC) checks and informs about the condition of hardware;
  • Conducting an inventory of hardware and connections: listing and marking of all hardware, counting and listing all cables;
  • Other services are also available.


We do not offer software settings adjustment or hardware parameters measurement services.

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