Other Data Centers

Data Logistics Center manages several data centers in Lithuania. All of those data centers meet the high standards for such type of service and are particularly secure and reliable.


Other data center locations:

  • Kauno DC – Pastotės g., 54469 Biruliškės, Karmėlavos sen., Kauno r. sav.
  • Klaipėdos DC – Liepų g. 64C, 92101 Klaipėda, Klaipėdos m. sav.
  • Alytaus DC – Kauno kel. 4, 64393 Butkūnai, Alytaus sen., Alytaus r. sav.
  • Kruonio DC – Marių g. 6, 56312 Maisiejūnai, Kruonio sen., Kaišiadorių r. sav.

Their security and reliability are ensured by:

  • Redundant power lines;
  • Redundant connection lines;
  • 48 VDC power supply;
  • Air conditioning systems;
  • Fire protection systems;
  • 24/7 surveillance;
  • Authorized access to the areas of the data centers.


The data centers managed by Data Logistics Center are the best place to store your intermediary communication equipment or server. Using our data centers will allow you to maximize your business opportunities, i.e. you will be able to provide services in a wider area.

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