Internet Access

Data Logistics Center internet access service:

  • Can be installed in almost any place in Lithuania;
  • Provides high-quality, unshared internet connection dedicated to a single customer (1:1);
  • Peer connection with international internet providers;
  • Anti-DDoS protection (RTBH and FlowSpec technology);
  • VPN;
  • Highly flexible pricing.



Why choose Data Logistics Center’s internet service?


Internet in Lithuania:

  • Connection to Lithuanian internet exchange points LITIX and LIPTAM.
  • Peer connection with other major networks in Lithuania.

International internet:

  • 3 international data channels, 10Gb each;
  • Peer connection to the global internet exchange point DE-CIX in Frankfurt.
  • 4 peer connections with the largest data networks (HE, Cogent, Google, Facebook, etc.).
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Anti-DDoS protection (RTBH, FlowSpec, traffic cleaning up to L7).

DDoS is a denial of service attack, when multiple requests are sent simultaneously from different locations. This interrupts the provision of service or makes it completely inaccessible. In order to avoid such problems, we use Anti-DDoS protection, which can have several levels:

  • Fast and real-time analysis of requests;
  • Blocking of incoming internet traffic to your network;
  • Blocking bad requests on the sender’s side;
  • Redirecting the incoming traffic to filter servers, which separate unauthorized requests and put through the authorized traffic.

This ensures smooth and continuous server operation and allows your employees to carry out their tasks without interruption.


VPN: Virtual Private Network. Why do I need VPN?

VPN allows secure connection of a user/business unit to the company’s local network, regardless of the location of the employee or the business unit. It is especially convenient for organizing the operation of a company with separate and geographically remote business units.


VPN solution:

  • Allows different company units to connect to a single network;
  • Allows remote employees to connect and securely access and share information, use shared software and telephony services.


A VPN solution individually tailored to each company will connect remote business units and employees of a company, while secure internet connection will ensure smooth operation of the organization and security of important information.

Why choose internet access?

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