Dedicated servers are an increasingly popular hosting service

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Dedicated servers are an increasingly popular hosting service

Dedicated servers are an increasingly popular hosting service suitable for both small personal projects as well as large-scale businesses. This solution is most often chosen due to high speed and flexibility. However, these servers have even more opportunities to offer. What are their main advantages?

Maximum efficiency

You are given access to a private isolated platform with all of its resources reserved only for your website. In order to accommodate any of your needs our dedicated servers are operating at high-speed. This means that other websites would not overcrowd the server’s processor or use up RAMs and would not affect your website’s performance. In this case virtualization is not employed, which allows to achieve maximum efficiency. Dedicated server system has a higher capacity to handle high visitor traffic, therefore the website can be easily developed and would offer opportunities to increase SEO ranking.

Easy to expand and customize server resources

By choosing dedicated servers sky is the limit – you can customize them according to your needs. You have the opportunity to choose CPU and RAM parameters, hard disk storage, software as well as the operating system. It means that you have the option to choose the platform and software that will be suitable and convenient for your business.

Currently a range of various power level servers is available to choose from, therefore if you would decide to expand in the future, they can be updated based on your business development needs at any time. While similar solutions are offered by other types of servers, their resources are known to be more limited – if rapid growth is expected in the future, eventually they would not be enough. 


Due to continuous developments and spread of cybercrimes, motivation grows to fully protect one’s website. Dedicated servers enable this – access is provided only to your company and servers’ infrastructure contains firewall as well as security monitoring. Such solution reduces the risk of virtual attacks through malware and other data breaches. Due to the flexibility of dedicated servers you can additionally integrate your own protection software to increase server’s security level.

Unique IP address

When using a general server service your IP address is shared with a few other websites – if one of them contains junk information or other inappropriate content, it is highly likely that it would negatively affect your ranking as well. Meanwhile dedicated servers provide a unique IP address, which is not shared with any other website. Reducing such risk increases your opportunities to develop a project more successfully.

One can claim that dedicated servers are an appropriate solution for every business in search of a convenient, customizable and efficient platform for their project. By choosing this solution you would have unlimited opportunities for growth and ensure that the system is adapted to your needs – this will undoubtedly contribute to the success of your business.