Data Logistics Center UAB expands the data center DATA INN – investment will reach 3 million euros

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Data Logistics Center UAB expands the data center DATA INN – investment will reach 3 million euros

Duomenų Logistikos Centras, UAB (Data Logistics Center) plans to expand data center DATA INN, located in  J. Tiškevičius str. Vilnius, Lithuania.  Companys investment –  about 3 million euros.

Construction work on the new data center will begin in early fall. More than 500 sq. m of server space will be used not only for the rental of individual server racks in shared server rooms, but  for private cells also, where access will be additionally controlled and dedicated to personal customer solutions. This feature ensures greater security and confidentiality.

According to Darius Zailskas, CEO of the company, the development was influenced by a significant increase in use of digital data and growing customers demand. “During the pandemic, due to the changed approach of work from home, we can see two major trends: the automation of processes and the digitization of data. To be exact –  the amount of digital data and the speed of its process is increasing. In order to ensure the needs of our customers, we decided to enlarge, ”- said D. Zailskas.

The newly built data center will focus on innovative, sustainable technologies. One of Lithuania’s renewable sources, deep water, will be used to cool the data center. The aim will be to ensure and maintain 1.2 PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), an energy efficiency ratio that will exceed the global data center average of 1.7. Advanced technology will be used for power usage effectiveness which will allow changes to be made without any disconnection and to adapt the energy distribution network to customer needs.

Construction of the new data logistics center will be completed in 2022 Q2.

About Data Logistics Center

Duomenų Logistikos Centras, UAB (Data Logistics Center) is one of the largest operators of data transmission networks and data centers in the Baltic States. Principal activities of the company include backbone data transmission, data storage and wholesale cloud services to enterprises and telecommunications operators. The company manages data centers housing the equipment of major enterprises, financial institutions, communications operators and other providers of cloud services. Since the beginning of 2015, UAB Duomenų logistikos centras (Data Logistics Center) has been using green Lithuanian energy – certified electricity from renewable energy sources.