Everything you need to know about Remote Hands support

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Everything you need to know about Remote Hands support

Everything you need to know about Remote Hands support

In the ever-changing IT world one thing remains constant – the need to solve problems and handle preventative management tasks. These usually require additional help, which can be provided by a Remote Hands support service – we’re here to explain what it is, how it works and why it’s worthwhile to utilize it.

What is Remote Hands service?

When you are using our data center services for your server hosting, you have the opportunity to choose Remote Hands support service. This service ensures that our specialists take care of maintenance and management tasks. Our on-site team can manage any necessary updates directly, for example, receiving new equipment you have sent out or providing updates regarding their state. While you are focusing on your organization’s needs and workload, we immediately deal with any difficulties that might come up – you do not need to send your employees or get into the server rooms yourselves.

What is included in the Remote Hands service?

Our data center offers these services:

  • Racking and stacking of server equipment;
  • Remote connection to equipment if needed;
  • Regular maintenance: changing of filters, dust, dirt and debris removal;
  • Inventorization of equipment and ports;
  • Equipment upgrades, when you are ordering and sending the materials;
  • Cable labeling and management;
  • Investigation of any malfunctions by direct connection to equipment;
  • Utilization of old equipment;
  • Regular upgrades of hosting equipment;
  • Supervision of equipment and malfunction tracking.

What are the advantages of Remote Hands service?

Remote Hands provide you with the following advantages:

  • Faster problem-solving. System malfunctions, software errors, cyber-attacks and any other problems now will be handled by professionals, who will immediately deal with them. They act as an additional set of hands that rush to your help when you need them the most.
  • Time-saving. Managing servers by yourself or sending your staff to data centers takes a lot of time that could be spent on other tasks in your organization.  Additionally, professionals specializing in data center management and equipment installation will manage all upgrades and work with minimal disruption. 
  • Less system downtime. Our team manages servers on-site, therefore any problems are solved as soon as possible to reinstate regular services.
  • Effectiveness. You will be able to easily manage remote tasks with stable and effective connection.

Without a doubt all of these advantages will positively impact your business activities. Remote Hands service suits every organization searching for an effective and secure server hosting and management solution.