Wholesale Cloud Services

Our Data Logistics Center cloud is a unique platform of wholesale cloud services offering expanded network capacity, hybrid cloud platform, convenient resource management, detailed reports on resource consumption, and flexible payment plans.


We are always looking for partners who could provide cloud services using the existing cloud software, report generation and attractive prices without investing in the development of cloud infrastructure.


Advantages of our Data Logistics Center cloud services:

  • Servers are hosted in Tier III and Tier II data centers, which ensures reliability and stability;
  • VMware and KVM virtualization;
  • Dell servers with second-generation Intel Scalable processors;
  • SAS and NVMe type SSD discs;
  • Each server is connected by double 40G links;
  • Hyperconverged architecture is used;
  • Data is copied to four locations in the same data center, DR copy is made to another data center and backup copies are made to a third data center;
  • Expanded network capacity;
  • Convenient management of resources;
  • Flexible pricing of resources;
  • Additional services: automatic management of server resources/automated operations with servers.
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Why choose wholesale cloud services?

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