Rental of Resources

You are professionals in your field and your time is very valuable. Dedicate all your time to your tasks and our specialists will make sure that the equipment supports your work processes instead of interfering with them.

The Data Logistics Center offers rental of software and hardware resources necessary for smooth operation of your business.



Router rental

A router is a device ensuring smooth internet connection. Just like any other modern technology, routers are often upgraded. Our mission is to keep up with latest improvements and to find the best solution for you. If you rent a router from our Data Logistics Center, you can rest assured that:

  • We will offer you a router that meets your organization’s needs;
  • We will provide immediate replacement for routers that are no longer functional;
  • We will be able to access and maintain your router remotely or locally, which will ensure prompt service;
  • You will be able to use the latest routers without a large initial investment.
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    Network switch rental

    Network switches ensure faster data distribution so that they reach the recipient as fast as possible. A network switch is one of the main network elements; therefore, it has to be of high quality and requires regular maintenance.

    The Data Logistics Center will ensure:

    • Regular maintenance of the rented network switch;
    • A quality device that best suits your company’s needs;
    • Replacement of an old device with a new one without large initial costs for your company.




    Firewall rental

    The purpose of a firewall is to protect the network in accordance with certain predetermined rules. Firewalls come in many types, so finding the one right for you will require some research on your part. The Data Logistics Center offers an excellent solution: firewall rental according to the company’s needs. This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and optimize the company’s performance.

    The Data Logistics Center will ensure:

    • Installation and regular maintenance of the rented firewall;
    • Quality configuration of the firewall that best suits your company’s needs;
    • Once the firewall becomes outdated or its settings need to be changed, we will replace it or change the settings immediately, and your company will avoid significant initial costs.

    Why choose rental of resources?

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