Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are an optimum hosting solution for those who need speed and flexibility.


Dedicated server rental service includes:

  • Rental of a dedicated server with a capacity corresponding to your needs;
  • Hosting the server in a Tier III or Tier II data center;
  • Cooling, power supply and remote server management platforms.


Advantages of dedicated servers:

  • Maximum efficiency: the speed of dedicated servers is extremely high, because you have access to a private, isolated platform with all the resources. Since virtualization is not used, your website can sustain high traffic and even increase its SEO ranking;
  • Opportunity to extend and change server resources: you will have the opportunity to make decisions on CPU, RAM, disc space, software and even the operating system;
  • Security: access to these servers will only be given to your company. The server infrastructure includes firewall and security monitoring. In order to further increase the security level, you may install your own programs on the server;
  • Unique IP address: a dedicated cloud will provide you with a unique IP address, which will not be shared with other websites as they may be full of inappropriate information that reduces your website ranking.


Dedicated servers are the best solution for each company looking for a convenient, flexible and efficient platform for its projects. This service will provide you with unlimited expansion possibilities and an opportunity to adapt the system to your specific needs.

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