Private Cloud Services

As the amount of data in organizations increases, it would be a reasonable step to move them to a cloud. While previously this was affordable only to large organizations, today this service is available to small businesses as well. Which one should you choose?


Our Data Logistics Center offers private and hybrid cloud services. Our ever-growing team of professionals will advise you on which of them would be best for your company.


Private cloud means that an organization has its own infrastructure: both the data storage and equipment are installed on the company’s premises and the client has a dedicated virtualization platform. In such case, you will not be sharing the platform with anyone, which will significantly contribute to ensuring the highest level of data security.


Advantages of private cloud:

  • High level of control: a single control panel for virtual, private cloud and dedicated servers;
  • Maximum security: you will not be sharing resources with other companies;
  • 100 per cent dedicated performance: your company will be the only one using the dedicated service.
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Why choose private cloud services?

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