Lietuvos Energija starts Duomenų Logistikos Centras sales process


Lietuvos Energija starts Duomenų Logistikos Centras sales process

The main shareholder of “Duomenų logistikos centras” (Data Logistics Center) – “Lietuvos energija” has decided to sell the company.

According to “Lietuvos Energija” long term strategy, main strategic focus should be based on energy business and activities which are not directly related to it will be gradually transferred to other owners. Selling “Duomenų logistikos centras” is one the steps for implementation of this strategy.

IT services providers consolidation trend is obvious in Europe and throughout the world, thus enabling companies to offer more value added solution to the clients. This process creates more options to provide complex integrated services and offers better growth opportunities for the company.

Official notification about the selling process of the company will be distributed on November 14th. It is expected, that transaction will be completed until the second half of the 2017.

We would like emphasize, that “Duomenų logistikos centras” will provide all services to the clients according to existing contracts and company will continue its activities as usual.