Lietuvos Energija Will Continue the Sale of Data Logistics Center


Lietuvos Energija Will Continue the Sale of Data Logistics Center

Lietuvos Energija Group has been informed that after assessing preliminary indications of the Competition Council, Telia Lietuva decided to discontinue the acquisition of Data Logistics Center (DLC) belonging to Lietuvos Energija and Litgrid. Lietuvos Energija adopted a decision to approve the completion of this transaction by terminating the agreement and to renew the sale process of DLC.

According Mr. Darius Kašauskas, Chairman of the Board of DLC, Lietuvos Energija Group will further seek the purification of activities by discontinuing the activities not typical for it and focusing all attention to the core ones, therefore, will continue the sale of DLC.

“DLC is one of the most modern IT and telecommunication companies in the Baltic region with consistently improving financial results and growing sales. During the tender announced in 2016, 23 potential investors showed an interest into the acquisition of the company. Six investors that have submitted the best offers were selected for further stages of the sale process. Therefore, we are sure that upon renewing the selection of potential investors we will finish the sale successfully,” told Mr. Darius Kašauskas.

“We received useful insights during the sale process that enabled us to draw attention also to the improvement of activities and development of services. Improvement actions have become a part of our daily activity and their result is the company’s improving financial and performance indicators,” told Mr. Darius Zailskas, CEO of DLC.

DLC operates DataINN, one of the most efficient data centres in the region, which design and operating infrastructure has been awarded a Tier III reliability level certificate by Uptime Institute. The company also manages four smaller data centres. 

Together with its partners, the company manages an international data transfer network “Baltic Highway” connecting Tallinn with Frankfurt into an integral optical fibre network, as well as “Baltic Optical Network”, the biggest and longest optical data transfer network in the Baltic Countries. The aggregate length of all networks under the Company’s management is 12,000 km and the bandwidth is 10 Tbit/s.

Services of DLC are used by banks, communication operators, larger internet services, and cloud computing service providers.

Lietuvos Energija owns 79.64 percent of DLC shares and Litgrid – 20.36 percent of shares.