Hybrid Cloud Services

Each organization has its own individual needs: what works for a telecommunications company will not work for a private dental clinic. We are ready to listen to your needs and preferences, evaluate possible solutions and implement the best suited one.


One of the possible cloud solutions is hybrid cloud. It means that the data center is located within the company’s premises, but it is linked to a public cloud. This option allows the company to take advantage of broader opportunities provided by cloud and take into account the specific needs of the company. Hybrid cloud provides more flexibility, because crucial data may be stored locally, and other information can be stored on a public cloud.


Why choose hybrid cloud services?

  • We will connect our virtual resources to your existing equipment;
  • We will provide access to the resources of various global providers of cloud services (AWS, Azure, etc.);
  • VMware virtualization (vCloud Director);
  • Bare-metal server;
  • Application servers;
  • CDN Edge servers (static and streaming data);
  • We are a team of professionals with a flexible approach to your needs which will help us find a solution that works for you.
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Why choose hybrid cloud services?

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